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💡 Working on youth engagement and empowerment,  social justice, climate change, social entrepreneurship & inspired by everyone who's working hard to make a change!

🎤 I just launched Life Line Podcast, where I have hour-long conversations with inspiring changemakers from all around the world!

Top 3 things I do in a day:
-Tagging people on Facebook & LinkedIn posts
-Selecting the right emoji on getemoji.com
-Being a better community building penguin

❤️ I enjoy connecting people together and then to see what happens. I love helping people grow as a person and grow their projects; by introducing them to resources, life-hacks, shortcuts, events, other people... anything I can do, even acting! :P

Life Line Podcast


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Jagriti Yatra: 500 youth, 1 train & masala chai every day

A Frenchie walks into an Indian train, and stays 15 days.

Along with 490 young Indian changemakers and 9 other international participants, I visited the pioneers of social entrepreneurship in India on a 15-day “Awakening Journey” (or Jagriti Yatra, in Hindi), last winter. It was an experience untouched by time and I realised 7 things that I try to keep with me.

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👋 Always happy to chat if you think we can have a positive impact together: feel free to contact me! :) dinhlong.pham93@gmail.com


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